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356 Hoot Owl Hill, Morganton, Georgia 30560

I was born in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. At age 17, I left home in search of greener pastures. First, Boston where I had trouble finding work and then on to New York City. Jobs were difficult to come by. I spent several months sleeping in the movie theatres that lined 42nd Street at the time. I've always considered this a way of furthering my education.

       Finally, I found employment in an advertising agency as a messenger. There is no better way to get to know a city. Gradually I worked my way up. Became an art director and lived in a small studio apartment on West 85th Street, not far from a very impressive "greener pasture".
       I moved to New Jersey in 1963 and continued to work in Manhattan. Then, in 1977, moved to Marco Island, Florida where I began my own ad agency which continued to thrive for 30 years. Colleagues convinced me, over time, to enter Addy and other award competitions. While I believe awards should be given only to ads that achieve results, I did enter on occasion and have won over 60 Addys and many other awards plus the American Express President's Award.
It was here on Marco Island that I first began to paint in 2000.

      In 2001, I moved to the Blue Ridge, Georgia area where I currently reside with my wife. We have two children and two grand-children.
       And I'm still looking for that "greener pasture".              
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